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Real Estate & Title Legal Matters

If you are attempting to buy, sell, use or develop a property, having a legal conflict with another party can cost you time, money and stress. James L. Roberti, founding attorney of James L. Roberti, P.C., draws on more than three decades of focused practice in the real estate arena. He has successfully resolved a wide variety of cases involving real property, both through litigated verdicts and settlements reached through mediation. Our firm distinguishes itself by staying up-to-date on the latest technological developments in real estate research and by applying exceptionally high standards of thoroughness in our work. The advice and strategy we offer are informed by the depth of our evaluation and thinking about your legal challenge and the options for its resolution.

Our Legal Service Menu: Real Estate

We can help you with legal issues throughout the life cycle of your property, including:

  • Representing you as a buyer or seller in a real estate closing transaction
  • Protecting your interests should litigation or mediation become necessary
  • Resolving easement conflicts and adverse possession cases
  • Representing you in appellate court with an appeal if an initial verdict is unjust
  • Helping you obtain zoning permits and approvals for your property development project, including residential subdivisions
  • Ensuring a fair transaction for both lender and buyer in a commercial property sale
  • Guiding you through the legal portion of creating a residential condominium development

Our Legal Service Menu: Title Work

James is recognized in both the legal and the real estate community as possessing a deep knowledge base on land title issues. As your lawyer, he can assist with the following:

  • Title examination and certification
  • Correcting the legal description of a property
  • Determining land parcel boundaries
  • Resolving title insurance conflicts
  • Preparing and filing title documents for the Massachusetts Land Court

When You Need Answers, We Are Meticulous And Cost-Conscious

Our firm’s lead attorney has spent more than 30 years creating winning solutions to real estate-related conflicts. Call us today at our office in Milford at 508-589-4388 or use our online contact form to arrange a case consultation. We serve clients across the Boston metro area and throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.