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Seeking Solutions Through Mediation, Litigation And Appeals

The law surrounding real property is complex, and the path to resolving complicated legal issues is not always clear. Hiring an attorney experienced in real estate law and dispute resolution can make the difference between solving your problem and stymieing a long-held dream or business goal.

At James L. Roberti, P.C., our lead attorney has more than 30 years of experience in real estate matters. He and his co-counsel, Betsy G. Roberti, can provide you with several paths to fix your problem. Let us advise you on which strategy holds the greatest chance for success given your specific circumstances.

Solving Disagreements Through Mediation

A negotiated settlement has several advantages over litigation:

  • It is a private process, and information revealed during negotiations cannot be used if litigation is pursued later.
  • It is often more cost-effective, and resolution is achieved more quickly than a civil trial.
  • It provides a chance for you and the other party to shape the solution you both need, rather than having a verdict imposed by a judge.

Both James and Betsy are trained mediators. They can act in the role of a mediator or represent you in a mediation conference. They specialize in real estate mediation.

Civil Litigation And Real Estate Conflicts

Our firm’s lawyers can represent clients in a wide spectrum of litigated matters. Some of the most common types of litigation cases we handle include:

  • Easements/right of way
  • Zoning conflicts
  • Title clearing actions and quiet title actions
  • Business foreclosures and collections
  • Commercial FDIC loan workouts

Appeals Court: One More Avenue To Justice

If a court ruling has not provided you with a just result, it is possible in some circumstances to appeal the verdict. Our firm deals with several types of appellate cases at the state level.

We will exhaustively research your case and search for factors that will provide a compelling appellate brief that positions your case for success.

Learn More About Your Resolution Options

Let our firm’s attorneys guide you through the legal system and help you resolve your real estate conflict. We serve clients in the Greater Boston metro area as well as across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. To set up a case consultation, call our Milford office at 508-589-4388 or email us.