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Why are boundary disputes so common?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2021 | Uncategorized |

There are many reasons why boundary disputes are common between businesses and homeowners. Usually, at the core, there is a misunderstanding about who owns which part of a property or how far a property extends.

There are dozens of reasons why people may fight over a boundary. One may think another person put a fence over the property line or that they have solo access to property that was actually intended to be shared between neighbors.

What are the most common boundary disputes?

Some of the most common boundary disputes include confusion over the actual property line and if the property line has been ignored. For example, a neighbor may have built a new playhouse for their children without checking the boundary. The next-door neighbor may then talk to them and state that their new playhouse is actually on their land. At that point, the options might be to purchase the land from the neighbor, move the playhouse or find another resolution that both parties are happy with.

Another common dispute is over fencing and plants. If you are going to put in a fence, it’s necessary to make sure you’re doing so on your property. If you don’t, then the neighbor could surprise you by letting you know that where you put down your fence isn’t the right boundary at all.

How do you check the boundary of your property?

To check the boundary of your property, you may want to have a land survey done. A land survey may be available from the local city clerk’s office, but if not, you can have a professional surveyor come to your property to determine the actual boundaries before you start any projects.

Can you decide on a boundary with your neighbor?

You can actually decide on the lot line with your neighbor. If you don’t own your property yet, though, consider talking to your bank or lender before you agree to do this. Since you are paying a mortgage, changing the property line could impact the value of the property and your agreement with the lender.

Boundary disputes are common because it can be difficult to know exactly where boundaries are. Changes in landscaping and landmarks over time may influence the boundary, too. If in doubt, it’s smart to check historical records to find out the true property line.