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The law firm of James L. Roberti, P.C., has been shaped by the singular focus of its founding attorney on the field of real estate. After obtaining a bachelor's degree from Colby College and a law degree from Suffolk University Law School, Jim joined the firm owned by his father, Angelo J. Roberti. Jim rapidly assumed senior-level duties at the firm, overseeing real estate closings, performing title examinations, and facilitating major commercial development projects by representing lenders, facilitating the zoning and permitting of land parcels, and providing FDIC workout assistance for nonperforming properties.

He augmented his legal skill base with a master's degree in real estate development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This educational accomplishment allowed him to expand his understanding of the commercial development process and furthered his ability to present creative legal solutions to tough real estate conflicts.

Currently, Jim continues to practice in his original areas of concentration, and has added work as an expert witness, Land Court representation, zoning and permitting, and specialized title research for developers. Jim also works in the areas of real estate mediation, litigation, and appeals. His wife Betsy G. Roberti, a lawyer who focuses on litigation and mediation cases, joined the firm in 2014.

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Quality Representation For The Entire Real Estate Community

Our firm, because of the depth and breadth of our knowledge about legal questions involving real properry, zoning and permitting, serves a diverse client base, including:

  • Land developers
  • Commercial and residential builders
  • Surveyors
  • Other attorneys seeking focused, informed counsel on real estate
  • Title insurance companies
  • Residential buyers and sellers
  • Commercial and private lenders

We believe strongly in the effectiveness of mediation. Many clients are able to avoid the expense and time-consuming process of court by reaching a settlement outside of court.

We also maintain a robust litigation practice centered on title and real estate issues, and regularly apply the appellate law process to seek a final determination that brings a just result for our client.

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No property conflict is too puzzling for our firm. Call us at our office in Milford at 508-589-4388 or email us for a free introductory appointment. We represent clients in the Greater Boston metro area and across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.